Bikers on the highway.
Burros along the road.
Biker couple on the River Road.
Loose horses amble onto the road.
Winding road through the Davis Mountains.
Deer cross a busy road.
The River Road in bloom.
Javelinas cross the highway.
The big hill on the River Road.
Bikers on the River Road.
A herd of goats cross the highway.
A highway in the Big Bend.
A turkey crosses the road.
Bear signage in the mountains.
Horses on the highway.
Sign states When Flooded Turn Around Don't Drown.


The Big Bend has great roads that provide dramatic rides through stunning landscapes, but these roads are not without risks.

The great state of Texas doesn't waste signage, so if you see a warning, it probably means that something happened there and is likely to repeat. Don't let it happen to you.

No Fuel Services Ahead signage.

There are animals aplenty sharing the roads, both wild and domestic, usually when you least expect them. There is occasional flooding and it can happen rapidly. You also may encounter a sudden dip or a big bump. And, it's all worse at night.

Deer and antelope frequently bolt across roads in front of oncoming traffic. Javelinas can't see well and dotter onto highways. Loose livestock can really hurt on impact. Don't play chicken with the buzzards.

Caution Loose Livestock signage.

The roads in the Big Bend are quite long and desolate. That's part of the attraction. Don't be surprised if you don't see another vehicle for a while. In many areas your cell phone may not get a signal. You're on your own. Carry some water.

Speed limits are unusually generous in the Big Bend and most of the police are reasonable, but don't push your luck. There is that one old grouch. Keep an eye out for him.

From time to time, you may encounter the Border Patrol. Several highways have stations where you'll be required to stop and answer a few questions. Be prepared.

U.S. Border Patrol inspection station.

And, sometimes a Border Patrol officer will stop you on the highway.

Burro signage.
Antelope races across highway amid traffic.
Sign for Speed Limit 75.
Cows graze on both sides of highway.
The River Road.
Deer crosses street.
Bikers ride through mountains.
Dog resting in the middle of the road.
The River Road in the Spring.
Large tarantula crosses the road.
Bikers on the highway.
Tortoise on the road.
Biker couple on the highway.
Roadside park on the River Road.
Buzzards resting on the highway.