Bikers on the highway through the Davis Mountains.
Locals recreate the days of the cavalry at the Fort Davis National Historic Site.
Bikers cruising the loop.
Bikers on the highway through the Davis Mountains.
A bicycling couple approach Fort Davis.
The Fourth of July celebration in Fort Davis.
Bikers traverse the highway to Fort Davis.
A barbecue grill and the downtown Fourth of July celebration.
Vista high above the Davis Mountains State Park.


24 Miles Away

Nestled in the heavily wooded Davis Mountains, this is a classic Texan vacation hideaway.

There's an old timey drug store soda fountain and the traditional historic hotel at the center of town.

The University of Texas McDonald Observatory is world famous for the information that comes forth via its telescopes and scientists. Sky parties share the knowledge with tourists and locals alike.

High above it all is the Davis Mountains State Park, with challenging hikes above the same western vistas that once comprised this section of the celebrated Overland Trail.

Just up the road in Fort Davis is the actual Fort Davis, of the U.S. Cavalry. Now named the Fort Davis National Historic Site, it was the home of the so-called Buffalo Soldiers who protected the local settlers.

The Fourth of July produces a big small town celebration where participants in the grand parade can outnumber the spectators. There's a street fair around the courthouse, lots of barbecue, and bands of gunslingers demonstrate their prowess in front of the bank.

The mountain roads inspire nature lovers and driving enthusiasts alike. Watch for deer on the roads, day or night.

And, Fort Davis has gas stations.

Exterior of the Fort Davis Gas station.

Fort Davis Gas - State St. (24 hours)

Exterior of Porter's grocery.

Porter's Thriftway - 1600 N State St.

Gas pumps at Bencomo's Motorsport.

Bencomo's Motorsport - 701 State St.

Where to Eat in Fort Davis.

Bikers ride through downtown Fort Davis.
Picnic on the courthouse square.
Sign for the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens.
Bikers approaching Fort Davis.
Food for sale at the Fourth of July celebraion.
Bikers camping in the Davis Mountains.
Riding horseback near Fort Davis.
Bikers take a break in Fort Davis.

Scenic view of Fort Davis.